Color Guard

Color Guard Practice Schedule

Attendance to class is mandatory. Students that are absent will be marked as “absent” and will need to be cleared through the attendance office. Class times are Tues/Wed/Thurs 2:45-5:00.

The Instructor: Jisselle Cardenas

Jisselle’s background ranges from Band, to Dance and most importantly, Color Guard. She first joined Color Guard at the age of 12 as a Flag and Letterette and began playing the Flute at the age of 13 at Castle Park Middle School. At the age of 14, she was recruited to Olympian High School’s Color Guard. Her Freshman year of High School was the second year of Olympian High School’s existence. Throughout her years of High School, Jisselle was very involved in the Visual And Performing Arts. She became involved in the Band, Dance, and Color Guard programs. In fact, Eric Mabrey was her Wind Ensemble teacher!

As a freshman, she auditioned for Olympian High School’s Advanced Dance class and successfully remained in the class for all four years. During this time, she choreographed a number of dance pieces, solos, and duets and here discovered her love for the art. As a Junior, Jisselle was chosen to attend the Sweetwater Summer Fine Arts Camp for Band and Dance, but decided to go for Dance. She feels very fortunate to have been able to work with such amazing talents. From her Sophomore year to her Senior year, she proudly held the title as Captain of Olympian High School’s Color Guard team. She learned many leadership skills during this time that she now applies to her coaching. Jisselle is currently attending San Diego State University. She trained with Kruciaal Element Hip-Hop Dance Company from October 2012-May 2013, and has been involved in the SWC Dance Program from 2011 to 2016. She is majoring in Liberal Studies Elementary Education, and minoring in Dance. She hopes to one day teach children overseas, and maybe even get a Color Guard Team started! Jisselle feels very fortunate to be working in a field that she has such passion for.

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