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VAPA Course Matrix

Here is a guide to understanding how you can fit band into your schedule throughout high school. Use this to plan out your high school schedule in preparation for college.

Click Here for Matrix


Students are to use Canvas as the online location for finding files, asking questions, and checking for important information.

To sign on to Canvas …
• Go to
• Sign in. If it’s your first time signing in, use your ID # as the username, and birthdate as the password (8 digits, so June 7 1995 would be 06071995)
• Select the appropriate class from your classes list and find what you need.
• Don’t forget to change your password to your own password (and don’t forget what it is).

Parents can ALSO access CANVAS as an observer. Here’s how …
• Go to
• Sign in using the email that is on file with the district
• Check my previous email for the temporary password (if you need it again, contact me)
• Don’t forget to change your password to your own password.

Instrument Care and Maintenance Files

General Care
Flute Maintenance
Clarinet Maintenance
Saxophone Maintenance
Trumpet Maintenance
Trombone Maintenance

Leaders, click here for field show audio recording from October 30, 2014.
Leaders, click here for the parade video from October 30, 2014 (Two takes)